Sonifier® SFX150

Category Ultrasonic Homogenizer
Manufacturer Branson
Country of manufacture Mexico
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The Sonifier® SFX150 is part of the new lineup of Sonifiers from Branson, designed to bring the industry’s most advanced sample-processing capabilities to your laboratory. Geared toward low-volume samples ranging from 0.2 to 150 mL, the Sonifier SFX150 delivers up to 150 watts of power. At 40 kHz, it’s quiet enough to operate on a lab bench without a sound enclosure.

Because it is available with either a conventional or a handheld converter, you can use the SFX150 in a stack configuration to process longer-duration samples, or process samples quickly by hand using the comfortable, ergonomically-designed handheld converter.

  • Handheld Converter. Branson’s exclusive handheld converter is designed with the user in mind. The handheld converter offers an ergonomic grip for comfort and control, and a recessed pushbutton and LED indicator for assured operation.
  • Energy Mode. In Energy Mode, the SFX Series power supply manages the processing cycle to deliver a precise, user-determined input of ultrasonic energy (measured in joules), either continuously or in individual pulses. The SFX Series automatically compensates for any variability, extending or shortening the cycle as needed to deliver the precise energy output.
  • Process monitoring. In operation, Sonifier SFX Series monitors ongoing processes on a scrollable, digital screen, providing continuous updates of key variables including power level, energy usage, sample temperature, and experiment progress.
  • Sample-processing programs. For assured repeatability and precision on a greater scale, the SFX Series enables users to create and store up to 20 sample processing programs. Program parameters include continuous or pulsed ultrasonics; time, energy, or temperature control modes; pulse on-time/energy, off-time and total on-time/energy; or amplitude as a percentage.


  • 40 kHz ultrasonics for quiet, tabletop operation.
  • Sample sizes from 0.2 to 150ml.
  • High efficiency, handheld and stand-mountable converters require no internal cooling.
  • Scrollable, multi-function screen with pushbuttons.
  • Continuous or pulsed ultrasonics.
  • Amplitude control range from 10 to 100%.
  • Microtip mode limits amplitude to 70% to extend tool life.
  • Control modes include time, temperature, and energy.
  • True temperature control manages sample temperature within user-specified limits (requires separate temperature probe).
  • In-process feedback displays experiment progress together with key variables such as power level, energy usage, and elapsed time.
  • Advanced energy control mode delivers precise energy input in continuous or pulse modes.
  • Programmable parameters include continuous or pulsed ultrasonics; time, energy, or temperature* control modes; pulse on-time/energy, off-time and total time/energy; or amplitude as a percentage.

*Temperature control mode requires optional temperature probe accessory.

Sonifier SFX150 units come complete and ready to run.  Every unit includes the generator/power supply, converter, and 1/8" microtip.

Please note: All Sonifiers are manufactured to order and have a 1 week lead time.

Key Attributes
Homogenizer Type Ultrasonic
Sample Throughput 1 sample
Sample Volume (min) 10 µl
Sample Volume (max) 150 ml
Usage / Placement Benchtop
Cooling No
Warranty 2 years
Noise Level
Weight 14 lb
Width 7.5"
Depth 12.5"
Height 9.25"

For the handheld converter option, can the converter still be attached to a stand and operated in a hands-free manner or do I have to press the button in order to operate the probe?

The handheld converter requires that the button be pressed in order to operate the horn. If you wanted both handheld and hands-free operation, you would need to purchase the traditional converter separately (just the converter, not a second complete system) and swap out the converter each time you wanted to change between handheld and hands-free operation.


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