Acoustic Enclosure for the Sonifier® Homogenizers

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Branson

Although ultrasound is above the audible range of the human ear, mechanical noise occurs when liquids are treated ultrasonically. The noise may be disturbing in a room with low ambient noise level if exposed for prolonged periods of time.

Operating the Sonifier® in the Soundproof Enclosure can minimize mechanical noise produced by ultrasonic processing. The sturdy cabinet is lined with waterproof, sound-absorbing material, which is impervious to most solutions or laboratory regents and can be easily cleaned. A fully-transparent door enables viewing of the process while limiting the noise to an acceptable level.

This acoustic enclosure lowers the decibel rating 20-25db.  (For reference, a 25db decrease would lower the noise emitted by an average lawnmower to about that of a normal speaking voice.)

Openings at the top and bottom of enclosure make for easy access for use with either a cup horn or standard probes.  A storage panel on the side allows for placement of horns, tips and manuals.

The enclosure includes an adjustable clamp plate and post to allow for a readily movable base upon which to place your sample.

An adapter is required if using the 150 watt Sonifer SFX150. Please select this option and the adapter will be included.


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