Free Bullet Blender Bead Kits w/ Purchase

01 February 2017

Like the idea of a high-throughput bead mill homogenizer but think they're a bit pricey? Well we have good news! The already low-priced Bullet Blender® Storm and Bullet Blender® Gold, which already cost half as much as similar instruments, now come with free bead kits!

From now through the end of 2017, any Bullet Blender Storm / Gold purchase will come with 250 free bead kits of your choice. Pick from any style kits in either Eppendorf Safe-Lock or RINO screw cap format. Contact us for a quote or simply reply to your order confirmation with the type of bead kits you would like.


The Bullet Blender® Gold with Dry Ice Cooling

New Promotions on the Precellys® Evolution and Minilys!

10 June 2016

We're have two new promotions to announce for Bertin's legendary line of bead mills! Both run until September 30th.

  1. Buy a Precellys® Evolution and get one additional adpter set (7 ml or 15 ml) for free! Also, get any three packs of lysing kits free.
  2. Buy a Minilys and get your choice of lysing kits (50 pack, 2 ml or 7 ml) free!

In order to obtain the promotions, your order must be received by the end of the day, Eastern time, on September 30th.

If you would like a quote for one of these systems or have any questions about them, get in touch with us at or 603-652-1395.

The Minilys homogenizer.

BenchMark Scientific Homogenizing Kit Giveaway

01 April 2016

From now through June, when you order any three packs of Benchmark Scientific homogenizing kits for the BeadBug or BeadBlaster homogenizers, you'll get a FREE CoolCube™ microtube cooler.

CoolCube™ cooling station for microtubes & PCR tubes

The CoolCube helps you keep samples refrigerated while working on the lab bench without degradation due to temperature increase or fluctuation. Place the CoolCube in a freezer overnight and it's ready for use, keeping samples cold but not frozen at near 0° C for up to four hours. It's two sides allow for cooling of microtubes or PCR strips / plates.

New Promotions on Bertin Bead Mills!

15 February 2016

We have two new promotions to announce for Bertin Bead Mills! Both run until April 30th.

  1. Order a Minilys and get two free homogenizing kits! (50 packs of 2 ml or 7 ml kits)
  2. Order a Precellys® Evolution with the Cryolys® cooling system and get 5% off both items as well as two free homogenizing kits! (50 packs of 2 ml or 7 ml kits or 25 packs of 15 ml kits)

In order to obtain the promotions, your order must be received by the end of the day, Eastern time, on April 30th.

If you would like to discuss whether the Minilys or Precellys Evolution would be a good solution for your sample prep workflow, contact us at or 603-652-1395.

Precellys® Evolution with Cryolys® cooling system.

Precellys® Evolution with Cryolys® cooling system.

Great Deals on Bead Mill Homogenizers!

06 August 2015

We've got some massive sales on Bead Mill Homogenizers going on right now:

  • The sale on the personal-sized Minilys has been extended through October!  Until October 30, you can get a Minilys for just $1,890 USD (list price $2,850 USD) AND get any two 50-packs of Bertin bead kits FREE!
  • Buy any Bullet Blender Storm model (Storm, Storm 5, or 50 DX) and 500 Next Advance bead kits of your choosing and get $800 off your purchase!

Contact us for details on either of the above promotions.

We always have great prices on many homogenizer lines.  If you're looking for a specific product or would like to discuss what product would be best suited for your application, contact our friendly support wizards any time.

We've got deals on deals!

29 October 2014

There's a few promotions ongoing until the end of the year, and we wanted you to know about them, so we've put them all in one place:

Happy homogenizing!