High Pressure Homogenizers

High-pressure homogenizers consist of a tank to which high pressure is applied in order to force the liquid sample contained therein through a valve or membrane with very narrow slits. This act causes high shear, a large pressure drop, and cavitation, all of which act to homogenize the sample. High-pressure homogenizers are most commonly used for creating emulsions and for cell lysis when relatively large volumes are being processed.

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    Pneumatic drive, diamond Reaction Chamber™, and superior temperature control. Flow rates to 500 mL/min.
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    Obtain exact particle or droplet size required and disrupt the toughest cells 250 (mL/min) capacity
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    A customizable, benchtop, high-pressure and high-performance homogenizer. Up to 70 ml / min.
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    For over half a century, the French Press has been the gold standard for cell lysis.
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