Auto Paddle Blenders (Stomachers)

Paddle Blenders, also known by the common brand name Stomachers, are used primarily in microbiology applications to extract and wash intact microbes into solution.  They are very common tools for food testing laboratories, and are also used in environmental labs and life science research labs.

Through pressure and motion, bacteria and other microbes are expelled from a solid sample and circulated into solution.  The solution is then used for downstream analysis.

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    The gold standard for microorganism extraction. Unique circulator paddle shape provides improved microorganism yield.
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    Lower-volume microbial extraction / isolation for clinical and life science applications.
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    $5,339 USD   from   $4,805 USD
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    Adjustable paddles designed for the blending of small samples up to 100mL and 10 g.
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    Next generation of lab blenders: silent, easy-to-use and robust. Samples up to 400mL and 40 g.
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    Designed specifically for the BAM (Bacteriological Analytical Manual) testing procedure.
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    For large volume blending and extraction where all washing solution needs to be retained for analysis.
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    Quick adjustable paddle blending and optional heating of large samples up to 5L and 400 g.
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