Category Paddle Blender
Manufacturer Benchmark Scientific
Country of manufacture China

The BenchMasher™ provides fast and effective mixing, ensuring consistent homogenization. It is ideal for preparation of samples were eliminating contamination is critical, such as pathogen and microbial detection in food and water filters. However, it’s use is not limited to those areas – the BenchMasher has applications anywhere larger solid samples need broken down or products such as powders and polymers need mixed. Samples up to 400ml are conveniently loaded in the sterile blender bags which are sealed upon closing the door. Mixing paddles rapidly strike the bags, producing thorough mixing and homogenization without ever directly contacting the sample. Programming is user friendly - mixing speed and cycle time are easily adjusted on the large, full color touch screen. Paddle position can be adjusted to ensure efficient processing of samples. For applications requiring thermal regulation (such as Trichinella testing in meat) the chamber can be heated and maintained at temperatures up to 65°C. The door is removable for access to the chamber and stainless steel mixing paddles. Each paddle includes a convenient rubber cover that is easily removed or replaced. A UV light (254nm) is built into the chamber and can be activated at any time to perform complete decontamination.


  • Contamination free mixing/homogenizing of samples
  • Touch screen control with variable mixing speed and temperature control
  • Adjustable stroke length to accommodate samples of various types
  • Built in UV light for chamber decontamination
Key Attributes
Homogenizer Type Bead Mill
Sample Throughput 1
Sample Volume (min) 70µl
Sample Volume (max) 400ml
Usage / Placement Benchtop
Built-In Cooling No
Warranty 2 years
Noise Level N/A
Weight 42 lb
Width 9"
Depth 16.5"
Height 13"


Manufacturer Specifications

Speed/Increments 3 to 12 SPS (strokes per second)
Timer: 1 sec. to 100 min. or cont.
Paddle Distance: 0 to 50mm
Temp. Range: RT - 65°C
Ambient operating temp. 2°C to 35°C
Bag Size: 16-18cm(W) x 25-30cm(H)
UV Bulb: 254nM
Dimensions (WxDxH) 9x16.5x13 in / 23x42x33 cm
Weight 42 lbs / 19kg
Electrical 120V 50Hz or 230V 60Hz, 220W
Warranty 2 years


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