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    A customizable, benchtop, high-pressure and high-performance homogenizer suitable for a wide variety of applications.
      from   $23,000 USD
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    Digital display & speed control 0 to 30,000 RPM and 0.05mL up to 3.5 liters
      $2,725 USD
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    A reliable, versatile, and durable benchtop homogenizer with a whole lot of power.
      from   $6,238 USD
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    A very high-powered, 1375 watt ultrasonic homogenizer for industrial-scale applications up to 40L or 5L/min.
    $8,790 USD   from   $7,911 USD
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    Brushless motor runs cleaner and quieter under 55db for samples 50uL to 1.5L
      $3,595 USD
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    Powerful homogenizer with digital speed display for volumes from 0.25 - 30l
    $3,200 USD   $2,576 USD
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    High-powered, high-performance homogenizer for larger applications up to 50 l
    $5,971 USD   from   $5,463 USD