High-Throughput Horns for the Q500 & Q700 Sonicator

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Qsonica

For the processing of multiple samples simultaneously, a number of high-throughput horns are available.

The Dual Horn allows a single Sonicator unit to process two samples simultaneously.  The rectangular-shaped horn doubles the unit’s output, and enables two probes to vibrate with the same intensity as a single probe.  The distance from center to center of each probe is 4.5″.  ¾″ solid tip probes are included with the Dual Horn but ½″ or 1″ probes may also be used.

The 4 Tip Horn enables 4 samples to be processed simultaneously. This horn offers high intensity and is effective for cell disruption, mixing, homogenization and many other applications. Tip Diameter is 1/8” and the space between each tip is 1.05”.  The 4 tip horn can process 1-15ml sample volumes and is made to fit into both 1.5ml and 15ml tubes. When processing small volumes with high intensity, samples will heat up quickly and cooling is strongly recommended.

The 24 Tip Horn processes each well of a standard sized 24 well plate simultaneously. The tips are otherwise the same as those on the 4-tip horn.

For stability and control of workplace noise, it is highly recommended that any high-throughput horn be mounted in the Sound Enclosure or on the Heavy Duty Stand.


How consistent is the processing between tip position with the high-throughput horns?

The processing consistency of high-gain horns is not quite as consistent as running a single horn using the same program. It is therefore not recommended for very highly sensitive applications, such as shearing DNA to a specific base pair range, however it is more than consistent enough for applications which do not require such extreme precision (such as most cell lysis, homogenization, or emulsification applications).


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