Flow Cells & Flocell Probes for Q500 / Q700 Sonicators

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Manufacturer Qsonica

Flocells offer inline or continuous, large volume, batch sample processing. Flocells are ideal for mixing and dispersing applications. Batch volumes can be recirculated through the system multiple times if increased sonication time is needed. Multiple units can be used in series to reduce processing time and/or maintain an even higher flow rate.

The liquid sample is pumped into the Flocell through the inlet at the bottom of the unit. As the sample passes through the cavitation field, it is processed. The processed liquid exits the unit through an outlet port. The degree of processing can be controlled by adjusting the intensity of sonication as well as flow rate.

The Low Volume Flocell (LVFC) is available for use with either the Q500 or Q700 Sonicator.  The Flocell is equipped with ¼” hose barb fittings. It requires a ½” flanged probe (must be ordered separately). These probes, which are different from the standard ½” probes, feature a flange for proper mounting with the LVFC.   An optional water jacket is available if the process requires cooling.  The water jacket slides over the LVFC and is used to recirculate cold water around the exterior of the flocell body.  The water jacket has ¼” hose barb fittings.

The LVFC is recommended for processing sample volumes above 1L.  The LVFC has a 65 ml internal volume.  The maximum flow rate is 0.5 L / min and the maximum operating pressure is 100 psi.

Flanged probes are offered with replaceable or solid tips.

  • Probes with replaceable tips allow easy, low-cost tip replacement, but cannot be used with organic solvents.
  • Solid probes must be used for samples containing organic solvents or low surface tension liquids.

PLEASE NOTE: In-line operation requires that the Sonicator be run for an extended period of time, often at high amplitudes, which will cause the converter to heat. For uninterrupted operation, the converter must be cooled with compressed air (5-10 psi at 5-10 cfm).


How should I cool a jacketed low volume flocell?

Cold tap water is an option, but if if you're going to be using it over a longer period of time and don't want to waste water, you'll need a recirculating chiller. It should have at least ~400 W of cooling capacity.

We recommend the LabTech H50-500, which has been very reliable for our customers and is an excellent value.


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