1.5" Cup Horn

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Qsonica

Cup Horns offer indirect sonication and function as high intensity ultrasonic water baths. Samples can be processed in sealed tubes or vials eliminating aerosols and cross contamination. Cup Horns are well-suited for processing of sterile, pathogenic, or toxic samples.

The horn is mounted within a glass cup and the cup is filled with water. A sample tube is placed in the water reservoir above the horn. Cavitation is produced in the water, processing the sample within the tube. Inlets for flow-through cooling are located on the side of the cup to disperse built-up heat during processing.

The 1.5" Cup Horn is for use with the Q125 Sonicator only.

The Sound Enclosure is highly recommended for all Cup Horn users. In addition to reducing sonication noise to safe levels, it securely supports the Cup Horn in the proper position. The Sound Enclosure features ports on either side to allow coolant tubing to pass from the Cup Horn to a water source or pump system outside the box.


What is the maximum recommended sample volume for the 1.5" Cup Horn?

1 ml. If you are processing a larger volume, we recommend using a standard horn.


Does the use of a Cup Horn increase processing time compared to direct, probe-in-sample sonication? If so, how much?

Yes, it does. Ultimately, processing time is sample-dependent and application-dependent and the increase in required processing time is likewise variable, so determination of processing time would need to be determined empirically.


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