Homogenization and DNA Extraction from Rice Grain (Orysa sativa)

Instrument: Precellys® 24

Sample: Dry rice (O. sativa) grains


  • Add one or more grains of rice into each tube in the hard tissue grinding kit.
  • Run the Precellys 24 at 6000rpm, 2 x 30s with a 20s break.


Before and after of rice homogenized in the Precellys 24

Rice grains of three varieties ground into a fine powder by the Precellys 24.

DNA was extracted and loaded directly onto an agarose gel after PCR amplification. Both Precellys®24 and mortar are efficient to extract a good quality of DNA. The DNA quantity from rice grains grinded by Precellys®24 (P1, P2, P3 and P4, below) are similar to the results achieved after extensive homogenization with a mortar (M1, M2, M3 and M4, below).  Precellys 24 decreased grinding time by about 90% while throughput was increased by over 2000%.

DNA from rice extracted after grinding with a Precellys 24