Disruptor Horns for Sonifier® Ultrasonic Homogenizers

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Branson

Horns, also called probes, transmit ultrasonic energy into a solution.  The dimensions of the horn and the output control setting determine the amplitude of the tip movement and, in turn, the degree of ultrasonic activity in the solution - the greater the amplitude the more energetic the homogenization will be.  Generally, the smaller the tip diameter, the higher the amplitude.  Larger tip diameters have lower amplitudes but can accommodate larger volumes.

All Sonifier® horns and tips are fabricated from titanium.

Some horn ends are "tapped" which allow the attachment of microtips for homogenization in small vessels.

There are three types of horns available:

Step Horns have a threaded body which allows the attachment of various screw-on accessories.

Tip Diameter: 3/8" (9.5 mm) 1/2" (13 mm) 1/2" (13 mm) 3/4" (19 mm)
Intensity: Very High High High Medium
Amplitude (µm): 36 - 240 21 - 145 21 - 145 9.5 - 63
Sample Volume: 5 - 100 ml 10 - 250 ml 10 - 250 ml 25 - 500 ml
Horn End: Solid Tapped Solid Solid

High-Gain Horns provide higher amplitude, and therefore more efficient homogenization, with larger samples.  They cannot be used with accessories.

Tip Diameter: 3/4" (19 mm) 1" (25.4 mm)
Intensity: High Low
Amplitude (µm): 19 - 130 6.3 - 40.5
Sample Volume: 25 - 500 ml 50 - 1000 ml
Horn End: Solid Solid

Exponential Horns have a lower tip amplitude but can withstand higher tip loading.  They are best suited for applications requiring the compression of solids, such as powders or small pieces of tissue.

Tip Diameter: 1/2" (13 mm) 1/2" (13 mm)
Intensity: Medium Medium
Amplitude (µm): 10 - 65 10 - 65
Sample Volume: 10 - 250 ml 10 - 250 ml
Horn End: Tapped Solid


Please note: The horns listed on this page are for the following models of Sonifiers: SFX250, SFX550, S-250, S-450. For Sonifier SFX150 / SLP accessories, click here.


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