Qsonica Sonicators

More people say "Sonicator" than "ultrasonic homogenizer" and say "sonication" rather than "ultrasonic homogenization". Why? Simple, the Sonicators popularized laboratory ultrasonic homogenization, and they have maintained their crown as the leading brand of ultrasonic homogenizers for over 40 years (since the 1970s). They're basically the Google of ultrasonic homogenizers.

Beyond having almost no technical issues, ever, one thing that has always impressed us is how reasonably priced they are. Most leading brands are better in some way from their off-brand competition, but a lot of the time you're mostly paying for the brand name. Not so with the Sonicators, which are largely priced in line with their competition.

Check out the Sonicator line below, and don't hesitate to reach out with questions.

  • On sale
    A compact and low-cost ultrasonic homogenizer for low-volume applications.
    based on 3 reviews
    $1,890 USD   from   $1,701 USD
  • On sale
    A powerful, 500 watt ultrasonic processor with programmable operation and a digital display.
    based on 8 reviews
    $4,000 USD   from   $3,600 USD
  • On sale
    A powerful, flexible, 700-watt sonicator with a touchscreen display and full amplitude control from 1-100%.
    $5,010 USD   from   $4,509 USD
  • On sale
    A digital, programmable ultrasonic homogenizer suitable for small volumes.
    based on 4 reviews
    $2,955 USD   from   $2,660 USD
  • On sale
    Industrial-scale sample volumes up to 30L, 2000 watt ultrasonic homogenizer
    $11,000 USD   from   $9,900 USD