Stomacher® 400 Circulator

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Manufacturer Seward
Country of manufacture the United Kingdom
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Meeting the food safety and quality demands of today’s microbiologists.

Whatever method you use to enumerate and identify bacteria, yeasts and moulds in your laboratory, thorough, reproducible homogenization of the sample is the first and most critical step.  Numerous studies have demonstrated the Circulator enhancement as a positive benefit to pathogen testing procedures in traditional microbiology and PCR based techniques.

As the sample is crushed during operation, the patented curved shape of the Stomacher 400 Circulator paddles create a washing effect driving more organisms in suspension thereby providing a better homogenized sample for analysis.

Why the Stomacher® 400 Circulator

  • Improved organism recovery with the patented curved shape of the Circulator paddles over older square paddle designs
  • No risk of cross contamination between samples
  • Durable and reliable
  • Control panel with programmable settings or ‘hands-free’ auto-run
  • Countdown of processing time
  • Removable door for easy cleaning of paddle chamber
  • 3 year warranty and 10 year service support

The Circulator allows for easy and effective processing of multiple samples, without risk of cross contamination. The quality of the Stomacher® build and components impart durability and reliability, ensuring consistent homogenisation during frequent use.  The digital control panel provides simple control of processing features such as paddle speed and processing time, essential for consistent results. These features are programmable for repeatable homogenisation protocols.

Globally referenced by thousands of protocols in food microbiology, the Stomacher® 400 Circulator is the gold standard in laboratory blenders.  The unique patented Circulator paddle design improves organism recovery over older, square paddle designs by enhancing the stirring and extrusion forces applied to the sample, driving more organisms into suspension for analysis.

Key Attributes
Homogenizer Type Paddle Blender
Sample Throughput 1 sample
Sample Volume (min) 80 ml
Sample Volume (max) 400 ml
Usage / Placement Benchtop
Cooling No
Warranty 3 years
Noise Level
Weight 55 lb
Width 16.5"
Depth 18.9"
Height 16.9"

What is the voltage of the Stomacher 400 Circulator?

The Stomacher 400 comes in 110 V by default, but if you prefer a 230 V Hz version it is available at the same price. Please inquire for details if you would like a Stomacher 400 in 230 V. (Both versions are universal frequency, 50 / 60 Hz.)


Can the Stomacher 400 be calibrated?

There is no protocol or built-in functionality for you to calibrate it yourself, but the unit can be sent back to Seward for re-calibration. This does incur a cost.


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