IKA Ultra-Turrax Homogenizers

Like most of the products manufactured by this venerable, 110 year-old laboratory equipment manufacturer, IKA's Ultra-Turrax line of rotor-stator homogenizers are known for their reliability, durability, and simple ability to do the job they are intended for. They back up their reputation with a what is essentially a 3-year warranty (2 + an extra year when you register your product), compared to 2 years or 1 year for most other homogenizers.

One of our favorite things about the Ultra-Turrax line is how well defined the dispersing elements (AKA probes) are. Always attentive to detail, IKA is one of the few companies that actually rates their probes with a range of particle sizes achievable for both suspensions and emulsions, and they also have multiple dispersing elements for each Ultra-Turrax homogenizer for different particle size requirements, volume requirements, and special applications.

Want to learn more about these long-lived homogenizers? Click on a model below for more information, and feel free to contact us with questions at support@homogenizers.net or 313-312-4626.

  • On sale
    High-performance homogenizer w/ digital speed display for samples from 1ml – 2l.
    $2,867 USD   $2,495 USD
  • On sale
    Handheld homogenizer for volumes from 1 – 1500ml with digital speed display
    $1,848 USD   $1,589 USD
  • On sale
    Powerful homogenizer with digital speed display for volumes from 0.25 - 30l
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    $4,931 USD   $3,995 USD
  • On sale
    A small handheld homogenizer for volumes from 0.5 - 100ml
    $2,139 USD   $1,669 USD
  • On sale
    High-powered, high-performance homogenizer for larger applications up to 50 l
    $12,380 USD   $11,389 USD
  • On sale
    The T 25 easy clean is a high-performance dispersing instrument with electronic speed control from 3.000 – 25.000 rpm
    $3,166 USD   from   $2,692 USD