Auto Mortar & Pestle Dounce Homogenizers

Homogenizers consisting of a hard, blunt object (the pestle) which is pressed against a sample container (the mortar).  Used in life science applications, these are often known as tissue grinders.  There are also specific styles of dounce homogenizers such as the dounce, Potter, Potter-Elvehjem, or Tenbroeck homogenizers.

Mortar & Pestle homogenizers may be manual or motorized.  They are generally lower-throughput and used for relatively small samples which are processed one at a time.  You can learn more about homogenization with a mortar & pestle in the Application Center.

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    Pulverizes tough, frozen samples for easier & more efficient downstream lysis.
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    A compact, hand-operated screw press for tissue maceration. Great for cell isolation!
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    Stainless steel Potter-Elvehjem style mortar and pestle.
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