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Our whole range of homogenizers of all functions and styles. It's a doozy!

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    A customizable, benchtop, high-pressure and high-performance homogenizer. Up to 70 ml / min.
      from   $26,400 USD
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    For over half a century, the French Press has been the gold standard for cell lysis.
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      from   $19,000 USD
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    Massively powerful and extremely flexible. In terms of performance, the Evolution sets the standard.
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      from   $11,500 USD
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    Homogenize 12 tissue or cell culture samples of up to 1 g simultaneously - all at 4°C!
      from   $7,995 USD
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    Stainless steel Potter-Elvehjem style mortar and pestle.
      $240 USD
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    For large volume blending and extraction where all washing solution needs to be retained for analysis.
    $9,000 USD   from   $8,100 USD
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    A reliable, versatile, and durable benchtop homogenizer with a whole lot of power.
    $6,986 USD   from   $6,462 USD
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    Eliminates cleaning between samples. For homogenization in 1.5ml - 50ml tubes.
    $3,116 USD   $2,882 USD
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    Like rotor-stators but want more throughput? Here you go!
      from   $10,898 USD
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    Automated homogenization system with rotor-stator and ultrasonic capabilities. You get what you pay for.
      from   $20,884 USD