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Our whole range of homogenizers of all functions and styles. It's a doozy!

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    Homogenize 3 samples with this tiny, inexpensive benchtop homogenizer.
    based on 7 reviews
    $981 USD   from   $835 USD
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    A handheld rotor-stator (2 probes included!) for under $1000.
    based on 3 reviews
    $1,294 USD   $1,101 USD
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    Homogenize up to 6 samples simultaneously, from soft tissue to bone, in 2.0ml or 5.0ml tubes
    based on 5 reviews
    $2,618 USD   from   $2,227 USD
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    A powerful, programmable, high-throughput homogenizer.
    based on 2 reviews
    $9,275 USD   from   $7,884 USD
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    Supplied complete with 6mm horn, temperature probe and soundproof enclosure
    $3,428 USD   from   $2,914 USD
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    Touch screen, variable speed & temperature control, adjustable stroke, UV decontamination
    $4,895 USD   $4,161 USD
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    Powerful Milling in 96 well plates or 50mL jars. Wet, dry or cryogrinding
    $11,659 USD   $9,911 USD