Special St. Patty's Deals on the BeadBug™ and Moretexer™

By Carlton Hoyt, 12 March 2018

It's St. Patrick's Day, and Benchmark Scientific is sharing their pot o' gold with special "SHAMROCK18" promotions through March 23rd!

Order a BeadBug™ bead mill homogenizer and get a FREE myFuge 12 microcentrifuge - a small, fixed speed, 2000 rcf centrifuge which includes a "COMBI-Rotor" for microtubes and PCR strips!

The myFuge 12 with COMBI-rotor

Or, order a Moretexer™ multi-tube vortexer and get a second Moretexer for free! Both vortexers will include the unique Multi-Head™ for hands free vortexing of up to 8 microtubes!

Orders must be received by 5pm ET on Friday, March 23rd to qualify. Happy St. Patrick's Day!