Troemner / Ohaus Product Transition Update

By Carlton Hoyt, 29 March 2018

This information is current at the last time of editing, which is March 29th, 2018.

As we mentioned early last month, much of the Troemner / Talboys laboratory equipment line will be transitioning to the Ohaus brand (they're both owned by the same parent company - Mettler Toledo). In this post, we'll keep you updated on that transition. We have developed a guide to inform you what Troemner / Talboys products have been transitioned and what their new Ohaus counterparts are. That guide is available at this link.

March 29th, 2018 updates

We will be launching the first transitions in the immediate future, probably tomorrow. This will change some Troemner equipment and accessories to Ohaus. This includes the homogenizer, most of the orbital shaker line, and a small amount of the stirring line. At this time, not all of the accessories for products transitioned to Ohaus are available as Ohaus accessories. In these instances, we are continuing to make those accessory products available as Troemner / Talboys products. Therefore, you may see some Troemner items as accessories to Ohaus products. We have developed a "conversion guide" which we will continue to update as the process continues. This guide is available here: