XXTuff2 Reinforced Microvials

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer BioSpec

New XXTuff2 microvial improves on BioSpec's proven reinforced vials. The new XXTuff2 microvials feature a skirted, free-standing bottom that reduces blow-outs to the bottom of the tube that can occur with some dry grinding protocols. The XXTuff2 microvial also features a natural-colored cap. This eliminates the reddish tint some observed in their sample due to the abrasion of the red cap in the original XXTuff vials.

Cat. No. 330TX821, XXTuff2™ self-standing, non-sterile, reinforced 2 ml vial and cap, 200 count

This specially reinforced vial is manufactured exclusively for BioSpec Products. The XXTuff2 microvial has the same dimensions as a standard 2 ml microcentrifuge vial with screw cap and o-ring seal. However, it is molded from a special polypropylene resin and has been reinforced in critical areas.

Unlike standard microvials, the XXTuff2 vial is able to withstand the rigors of dry grinding using steel beads*. Over 10 times more durable than a standard microvial.

*When doing CryoGrinding, a variant of dry-grinding done at liquid N2 temperatures, we recommend using our stainless steel microvials. Extreme cold makes all plastic microvials too brittle to withstand beadbeating with steel beads.


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