Synthetics Disposable SYN Aggregates

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Kinematica

Kinematica Click & Go quick release aggregates makes changing very easy.

Disposable aggregates for the processing of multiple samples per day, where the required sterilization of stainless steel aggregates represents a significant time limitation.

Available in PES / Special POM. Sterile packaging in packet sizes of 25 units each (ø 7 mm) and 10 units per packet (ø 12mm) each. For prevention of X contamination. All standard dispersing applications similar to EC aggregate 

Product ø / length mm Volume mL max Tip speed m/s Note
25 x PT-DA 07/2SYN-E082*  7/82 0.3 – 10 7 Sterile pack
10 x PT-DA 12/2SYN-E126*  12/126 2 – 250 12 Sterile pack
10 x PT-DA 12/2SYN-E126**  12/126 2 – 250 12 Non-sterile pack
25 x PT-DA 07/2SYN-E082**  7/82 0.3 – 10 7 Non-sterile pack
12 x PT-DA 07/2SYN-E082**  7/82 0.3 – 10 7 Non-sterile pack

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