PRO Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizing Package

Category Rotor-Stator Homogenizer
Manufacturer PRO Scientific
Country of manufacture the United States

Don't know which rotor stator and probe combination you need?  Don't sweat it - Homogenizer packages from PRO Scientific contain everything you need to get right to work!  The PRO Scientific Multi-Gen 7XL homogenizer package enables rapid homogenization of multiple samples at a time in tubes from 1.5 ml microtubes up to 50 ml conical tubes.

The multi-pack of Multi-Gen 7XL probes reduces cross contamination risk by allowing you to process each sample with a clean Multi-Gen 7XL probe and eliminates cleaning between samples. Process all your samples now, then worry about cleaning the probes later!  When homogenization is complete, the unique Multi-Gen adapter allows for hands free ejection of the Multi-Gen 7XL probe and minimizes the chance of accidental cross contamination. It’s 316 stainless steel design allows for the utmost chemical compatibility and all Multi-Gen 7XL probes can be easily autoclaved at the end of your processing.

Unlike throw-away, plastic disposable generator probes, the Multi-Gen 7XL probes are reusable and constructed of 316 stainless steel and PTFE which makes them better for the environment and better for your sample. Compatible with all PRO homogenizer units, Multi-Gen 7XL probes are designed to provide precise, high-quality homogenizing results for even the toughest of samples that a plastic generator probe is incapable of homogenizing. They have an open-slotted 7mm diameter which is good for a very broad variety of samples and its 115mm length can accommodate a wide range of tubes from 1.5 ml micro-tubes to 50 ml conical tubes.

The savings with the Multi-Gen 7XL generator probes are three-fold: environment, money and time.

The PRO Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizing Package includes a 12-Pack of Multi-Gen 7XL generator probes, a Multi-Gen Adapter and the Bio-Gen PRO200 Homogenizer Unit.


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