PL300 ShearJet® High-Pressure Homogenizer

Category High-Pressure Homogenizer
Manufacturer DyHydromatics
Country of manufacture the United States

The PL300 ShearJet® benchtop processor is a pneumatic drive high pressure processor capable of being your everyday R & D tool and a small batch processor. The PL300 has proven to be capable of exceeding all competitors for process efficiency due to the Reaction Chamber® set energy transfer rates and superior product temperature control. The PL300 capabilities make it desirable because of great results on your product, ease of operator handling and durability. With industry first standard features in high pressure processors such as the ceramic plunger, diamond Reaction Chamber® set and plunger position viewing port make these innovative machines the ones to have in your laboratory. When you include the guaranteed scale up of the Reaction Chamber ® to production model chamber performance, it is a hard combination to match.

The operating principle is based on fixed opening flow paths and high pressure dissipation which creates acceleration to extreme velocities, thus creating the unmatched input of shear and impact energy to all of the product volume. The consistency of processing energy input provides the uniformity of droplet and encapsulation size reduction, maximum cell rupturing efficiency with high yields and agglomerate dispelling in suspensions.


  • Portable benchtop machine
  • Standard with diamond Reaction Chamber set (ultra high shear, fixed geometry) for longest wear life on a standard high pressure processor!
  • Unique ceramic plunger with polished finish for long plunger and seal life
  • Chamber Scale-up to production size is guaranteed
  • Autoclavable system (sterilizable to 121 ºC air motor)
  • Pressures capability: 2,500 – 23,000 psi (206 – 1586 bar)
  • Flow rates up to 500 mL/min (300 mL/min nominal)
  • Inlet reservoir is 450 mL stainless steel with TC flange top
  • Plunger position viewing port
  • Low noise muffler system
  • Pressure indicated by dual scale air gage
  • Product contact parts all 316, 17-4PH and 302T series stainless steel
  • Flush through cleaning without disassembly
  • Sanitary piping, fittings and connections
  • Chambers and cooling coil immersion tray for maximum cooling
  • CE Compliant
  • Pneumatic drive means simple and explosion-proof
  • One day on-site startup, operator and maintenance training
  • Owner manual, tool kit, and spare parts package

Please note there is a Lead Time of 8-10 weeks

Key Attributes
Homogenizer Type High Pressure
Sample Throughput 1 Sample
Sample Volume (min) 50 ml
Sample Volume (max) N/A
Usage / Placement Benchtop
Cooling Yes
Warranty 6 months
Noise Level NA
Weight 75 lbs
Width 17"
Depth 32.3"
Height 16.7"


Manufacturer Specifications

Pressure range: 2,500 to 23,000 psi (206 to 1,586 bar)

Flow Rate: 80 to 500 mL/min.

Product temperature range: -15 F to 165 ºF (-25 C to 75 C)

Sample size: 50 mL to continuous

Dimensions: 17" W x 32.3" D x 16.7" H (432 mm x 820 mm x 424 mm)

Weight: 75 lb (34 kg)

Utility Requirements: 57 scfm @ 120 psi (26 L/sec @ 8.3 bar), -35 ºF dew point


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