High Gain Horns

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Qsonica

High gain horns (also known as high intensity horns) offer double the amplitude of standard ¾″ and 1″ probes. They can be used in place of these standard probes to process samples more quickly or to process larger volumes. High gain horns attach directly to the converter.

Note that if you already have a standard ¾″ or 1″ probe, you do not need to purchase a high gain horn.  You may purchase a booster for your standard horn to achieve the same level of intensity.

High gain horns are available with solid or replaceable tips.  Solid probes must be used for samples containing organic solvents or low surface tension liquids.

Processing Volume Tip Diameter Intensity Amplitude
25 - 500 ml 3/4" High 120 µm
50 - 1000 ml 1" Medium 60 µm

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