Genizer Liposome Extruder Membranes

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Genizer

Liposome Extruder Membrane is made from high quality polycarbonate film and has sharply defined pore sizes. It has high flow rates and excellent chemical and thermal resistance. The membrane has a smooth, flat surface for good visibility of particles. Features include low protein binding and low extractables, ensuring no sample contamination. The pores are absolutely-rated, precisely cylindrical and narrowly distributed, allowing their surfaces to extrude 100% of particles larger than pore sizes.

Dia. 19mm for HandExtruder
100nm, 100/PK 19mm
200nm, 100/PK 19mm
400nm, 100/PK 19mm
800nm, 100/PK 19mm
1UM, 100/PK 19mm
Dia. 25mm for GJE-10mL and GOE-25mL
100nm, 100/PK 25mm
200nm, 100/PK 25mm
400nm, 100/PK 25mm
800nm, 100/PK 25mm
1UM, 100/PK 25mm
Drain Disc, 100/PK 25mm
Dia. 47mm for  GJE-100mL and GOE-200mL
100nm, 100/PK 47mm
200nm, 100/PK 47mm
400nm, 100/PK 47mm
800nm, 100/PK 47mm
1UM, 100/PK 47mm
Drain Disc, 100/PK 47mm
Dia. 90mm for  GJE-800mL and GOE-1000mL
100nm, 30/PK 90mm
200nm, 30/PK 90mm
400nm, 30/PK 90mm
800nm, 30/PK 90mm
1UM, 30/PK 90mm
Drain Disc, 25/PK 90mm
Dia. 142mm for  GJE-3000mL and GOE-8000mL
100nm, 20/PK 142mm
200nm, 20/PK 142mm
400nm, 20/PK 142mm
800nm, 20/PK 142mm
1UM, 20/PK 142mm
Drain Disc, 25/PK 142mm
Dia. 293mm for  GOE-20L
100nm, 20/PK 293mm
200nm, 20/PK 293mm
400nm, 20/PK 293mm
800nm, 20/PK 293mm
1UM, 20/PK 293mm
Drain Disc, 25/PK 293mm
Description High quality liposome extruder track-etched membrane
Brand Whatman/Sterlitech/OEM Made in USA
Compatibility Avantipolar Lipids: Mini-Extruder;
Avestin: Liposofast; Liposofast LF-50 ;
NorthLipids: 1.5mL, 10mL, 100mL, 800mL Lipex Thermobarrel Extruder
Diameters 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 47mm, 90mm, 142mm, 293mm
Pore Size 30nm, 50nm, 80nm, 100nm, 200nm, 400nm, 800nm, 1000nm, 2μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 30μm
Cleaning Flush to clean/CIP/SIP
Sterilization Whole unit autoclavable
Pressure Range up to 6,000 psi
Cylinder Titanium high pressure cylinder (resistant to strong acid and base)
Selection Guide 13mm: 1.5mL Lipex (North Lipids);
19mm: HandExtruder 1mL (Genizer); Genizer HandExtruder 1mL-RT (Genizer);
Liposofast (Avestin); Mini Extruder (Avantipolar lipids);
25mm: 10mL Lipex (North Lipids);
Jacketed Extruder 10mL (Genizer); Online Extruder 5mL/min (Genizer);
47mm: 100mL Lipex (North Lipids);
Jacketed Extruder 100mL (Genizer); Online Extruder 50mL/min (Genizer);
90mm: Jacketed Extruder 800mL (Genizer); Online Extruder 400mL/min (Genizer); 
800mL Lipex (North Lipids)
142mm: Jacked Extruders, Online Extruders
293mm: Jacked Extruders, Online Extruders
Genizer Liposome Extruder System
Catalog No. Thermo-control Power mode Maximum pressure
Hand Extruder HandExtruder-1mL None Hand Drive 150 psi
HandExtruder-1mL-RT Jacketed Hand Drive 150 psi
Jacketed Extruder GJE-10mL Jacketed Compressed Gas 3000psi
GJE-100mL Jacketed Compressed Gas 3000psi
GJE-800mL Jacketed Compressed Gas 3000psi
GJE-3000mL Jacketed Compressed Gas 3000psi
GJE-10000mL Jacketed Compressed Gas 3000psi
Online Extruder GOE-25mL Jacketed Online Pump 6000psi
GOE-200mL Jacketed Online Pump 6000psi
GOE-1000mL Jacketed Online Pump 6000psi
GOE-8L Jacketed Online Pump 6000psi
GOE-20L Jacketed Online Pump 6000psi
Multi Extruder GOE-8L*2 Jacketed Online Pump 6000psi
GOE-8L*4 Jacketed Online Pump 6000psi
GOE-8L*8 Jacketed Online Pump 6000psi

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