Generator Heads for the D1000 Handheld Homogenizer

Generator probes for the Benchmark Scientific D1000 rotor-stator homogenizer are available in four sizes.

  • D1000-M5 | 5 mm x 50 mm | Flat bottom - For homogenizing in microtubes. Sold in packs of 5.
  • D1000-M7 | 7 mm x 50 mm | Saw-tooth - For homogenizing in microtubes  Sold in packs of 5.
  • D1000-M10 | 10 mm x 115 mm | Saw-tooth - For homogenizing in 15 ml or 50 ml tubes
  • D1000-M14 | 14 mm x 130 mm | Saw-tooth - For homogenizing in 50 ml tubes or vessels up to 250 ml

Note that the 5 mm and 7 mm generator probes are included with the purchase of the D1000 homogenizer (one of each).  Saw-tooth generator probes help tear apart tough tissue and other fibrous material.

All the generator probes are made of stainless steel and can be sterilized by autoclaving.

SKU#: BMS:D1000-M5
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