Dispersing vessels for the PT 1200 E

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Kinematica

Choosing the right dispersing aggregate is crucial for good results. The right vessel
also contributes to achieve the desired result.

For normal cylindrical beakers, the flow creates a vortex.The mixing and dispersing efficiency decreases considerably since the product is no longer being optimally processed through the dispersing generator head. This lengthens processing times, requiring more energy input. Depending on the shape of the vortex, this may also lead to additional air being introduced.

Our specially designed GS jars have a cloverleaf-like shape. This effectively interrupts the flow in the radial direction and generates additional counteracting forces. These high turbulences maximize the mixing and dispersion efficiency, thus minimizing processing time and requiring less energy.

Our GS-glasses are available in chemical- and temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, with working volumes from a few milliliters to several liters, with or without lid and with or without sealed feedthrough.

Top Type Product Ø/H (mm) Process volume Thickness Thread Description
Open on top 11051010 GS 15 35 mL 2.8 mm None None
Open on top 11051011 GS 25 150 mL 3.5 mm None None
Sealing with screw cap 11051020 GS 15K 35 mL 2.8 mm GL 25 None
Sealing with screw cap 11051021 GS 25K 150 mL 3.5 mm GL 45 None
Sealing with screw cap 11051030 GS15KL08 35 mL 2.8 mm GL 25 8 mm hole
Sealing with screw cap 11051031 GS15KL12 35 mL 2.8 mm GL 25 12 mm hole
Sealing with screw cap 11051040 GS25KL12 150 mL 3.5 mm GL 45 12 mm hole
Sealing with screw cap 11051041 GS25KL20 150 mL 3.5 mm GL 45 20 mm hole

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