Dispersing Elements for the Ultra-Turrax® T 65

Dispersing elements are the "tips" which attach to the Ultra-Turrax® T 50 to homogenize samples.  The types of dispersing elements offered with the T 50, as well as the sizes and corresponding sample volume ranges, are below.


Standard dispersing elements - Good for applications where the sample is mostly fluid.  There are three options which will determine the ultimate coarseness / fineness of the sample.  S65KG-G65G is most coarse, -G45F is most fine, and -G45M is medium.

S65KG-G65G | 2 l - 50 l

S65KG-G65M | 2 l - 40 l

S65KG-G65F | 2 l - 30 l


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