Dispersing Elements for the Easy Clean T 25 KD

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer IKA

Dispersing elements are the "tips" which attach to the Easy Clean T 25 to homogenize samples.  The types of dispersing elements offered with the T 25, as well as the sizes and corresponding sample volume ranges, are below.

Type of sealing and bearing: Ball-bearing with PTFE sealing and FFKM O-ring
Product-touching material: AISL 316L, PTFE, FFKM
Suitable for solvents: Yes
Sterilizable: all methods (except ball bearing)
Suitable for vacuum: Yes
Max. working temperature [°C]: 150
Shaft length [mm]: 194


Standard dispersing elements - Good for cell culture and other applications where the sample is mostly fluid.

S25KD-18G | 10 ml - 1.5 l

S25KD-25G | 50 ml - 2 l


Saw tooth dispersing elements - Teeth shred and tear tissue and other larger, fibrous material.

S25KD-18G-ST | 10 ml - 1.5 l

S25KD-25G-ST | 50 ml - 2 l


Ultra Fine Dispersing Element - Similar to the standard element, but is capable of producing 2x - 3x smaller particle sizes.

S25KD-25F | 100 ml - 2 l


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