Cup Horns for the Sonifier® Ultrasonic Homogenizers

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Branson

Sonifier® Cup horns permit ultrasonic energy to be applied to multiple samples without direct contact with the horn.  This is particularly useful for avoidance of cross-contamination, for applications where particulate contamination needs to be strictly avoided, or for hazardous samples which may need to be homogenized in a sealed vial or tube.

There are two types of cup horns available:

Standard Cup Horns can simultaneously process a number of sealed vials or tubes with identical parameters.  They have inlet / outlet ports for flow-through coolant to cool the samples during operations.  They are available in 2" or 3" diameter sizes, and can effectively process samples as small as 0.3 ml liquid volume.

High-Intensity Cup Horns have a concave shape to create high-intensity cavitation in the samples.  They process a single sample at a time.  Tubes / vials used with a high-intensity cup horn should have a diameter of approximately 2 cm or less.

Compatibility is as follows:

  • 1" High-Intensity Cup Horn: SFX550 and S-450.
  • 2" Standard Cup Horn: SFX250, SFX550, and S-450
  • 3" Standard Cup Horn: SFX550 and S-450

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