Bulk Beads for the Precellys® and Minilys

Beads come in a variety of sizes. Material options are glass, zirconium oxide, and stainless steel.

Bulk beads are sold in quantities sufficient for approximately 500 preps, aside from the 5.0mm and 6.8mm zirconium oxide beads which are sold in packs of 100 beads.  The beads available and weights are as follows:

  • 0.1mm Glass (400g)
  • 0.5mm Glass (400g)
  • 0.1mm Zirconium Oxide (450g)
  • 1.4mm Zirconium Oxide (325g)
  • 2.8mm Zirconium Oxide (325g)
  • 5.0mm Zirconium Oxide (100 beads)
  • 6.8mm Zirconium Oxide (100 beads)
  • 2.8mm Stainless Steel (500g)

Empty tubes and caps are required for use in Precellys or Minilys homogenizers. Note that beads larger than 2.8mm are only for use in 7ml or 15ml tubes.

SKU#: BER:KT03961-1-105.BK
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