Biospec Manual Microplate Bead Loader

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Manufacturer BioSpec

Loading deep well microplates, one well at a time, is a tediously slow process. Many users of 96-well microplate beadbeaters have turned to buying expensive microplates pre-loaded with beads.

The Manual Deep Well Microplate Loader is a simple device. A one ml deep well microplate is filled to the top with beads. A 'receiving' two ml deep well microplate is accurately positioned over the filled wells of the one ml microplate and the pair is inverted. The two well microplate is now loaded with exactly one ml of beads in each well. To facilitate this fill and flip method, a stainless steel frame is provided to assure proper positioning of the 'donor' microplate to the 'receiving' microplate. Also included is a spatula, a one ml 'donor' microplate and a special tray designed to catch and recover excess beads.

Loads 1 ml of beads, in one or two sweeping motions, into 96 wells of a 2 ml deep well microplate. Suitable for 0.5 to 6 mm diameter beads and for all bead densities including those made of steel or having irregular shapes (i.e., sharp particles).

How it works:

  1. Completely fill a 1 ml deep well microplate (the 'donor' microplate) with beads using the provided loading tray and scaper.
  2. Place the tight fitting, stainless steel frame around the loaded microplate.
  3. Insert into the frame, upside down, your 2 ml deep well "receiving" microplate.
  4. Transfer the beads by inverting the assembly.

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