RNA Extraction from Mouse Tissues using the Minilys

Instrument: Minilys homogenizer

Sample:  Mouse lung and trachea


  • Precellys kits: CK28-R_2mL (KT03961-1-007.2)
  • Competitor B (Beadbug Microtube Homogenizer)
  • Samples: mouse lung (20 mg) and trachea (200 mg)
  • Buffer: 1.3 mL of Qiagen RLT lysis buffer
  • Run the Minilys at 5000 rpm (maximum speed) for 45 sec
  • Competitor B: 4000 rpm (maximum speed) for 45 sec, 1.0 and 1.5 mm ceramic beads, 2.8 mm stainless steel beads


Replicate samples from lung and tracheal mouse tissue were prepared and homogenized on the Minilys and Competitor B. Visual images were captured for lung tissue before and after homogenization to compare efficiency. Figure 1 demonstrates that Competitor B yields incomplete homogenization after running a protocol at the unit’s maximum speed. Figure 2 shows that the lung tissues were thoroughly homogenized on the Minilys.

Figure 1. Lung tissue before (A) and after homogenization (B) on Competitor B. The blue arrows indicate unhomogenized tissue. Figure 2. Lung tissue before (A) and after homogenization (B) on the Minilys.