Lysing Micro-Organisims with the VK05 15 mL Precellys Lysing Kit

InstrumentPrecellys Evolution 

Sample: 9 ml of E. coli diluted 1/1000 (3,15x108 CFU/ml)


Precellys® Evolution: 8500 rpm, 3x30 sec, 30 sec break


  • 3 dilutions : 1/1 - 1/10 - 1/100
  • 100 µL / plate in duplicate
  • 24 H - 37°C

Lysis in duplicate

Determination of the concentration: % mortality : [(Ci-Cgrinding)/Ci]x100


After 24h of incubation at 37°C, results were observed. The plate count is linear for E. coli over the range of 30 - 300 CFU on a standard sized Petri dish. We kept the two dilutions in this range to calculate the lysing efficiency

CFU/plate 1/102 1/103 Concentration
1/VK05_15mL 126/130 19/13 1,3 x 104 96%
2/VK05_15mL 156/150 13/19 1,5x104 95%

Table1: results of the lysing step with 9 ml of bacterial suspension, in duplicate. Each lysing suspension was spread on an agar plate in duplicate (100 µl).
Concentration of the starting solution was validated by spreading 100 µl on agar plate of corresponding dilution.

The VK05 15ml kit is very efficient as we observed percentage of mortality > 95% after lysing in comparison with the initial suspension of bacteria

From Bertin Technologies