LPO extraction from tumor and non-tumor rats tissues

Instrument: Precellys® 24 Dual  with Cryolys cooling device to have a constant temperature of 4ô€?²C within the homogenization chamber using liquid nitrogen.

Sample:  Tumors from intestine, liver, and heart of rats (frozen)


  • Precellys kits: 03961-1-009 (CKmix).
  • Sample: ~100 mg of frozen tumors, intestine, liver, and heart from rats treated with DHA + epirubicin and from control rats (palm oil, no chemotherapy) .
  • Buffer: ice-cold distilled water.
  • Run the Precellys at 6500 rpm, 3x20sec, 50sec break.
  • Lipid hydroperoxides (LPO) were extracted and assayed with a lipid hydroperoxides assay kit according to the manufacturer's instructions (Kit no. 705003, Cayman Chemical Company, Ann Arbor, MI, USA).


The combo Precellys & Cryolys cooling option are suitable and reliable systems to homogenize a large range of rats tissues and tumors to investigate molecular and cellular mechanisms of action of lipids.

LPO level in tumor and non-tumor tissues at baseline (control rats) and in response to treatment with DHA and epirubicin.