Homogenization of Gill Tissue with Precellys Evolution

Instrument: Precellys® Evolution

Sample: Gills of Mussels collected and stored at -80°C


  • Approximately 100 mg of sample was prepared with K-phosphate buffer 0.1M, pH 7.2 (w/v; 1/4). Lysing kit: CK14 2mL (KT03961-1-003.2)
  • Precellys® Evolution 6000rpm, 2x10 sec, 10 sec break
  • After the last cycle, samples were centrifuged at 4°C :
    • 3500rpm 10 min
    • 600g for 15 min
    • 13,000g for 20 min
    • 40,000g for 90 min
  • Supernatant was collected the remaining samples were frozen at -80°C.


Evaluated assays showed adequate precision when gills homogenates were used. with intra and interassay CVs lower than 15%, and recovery percent between 80% and 120%, which are the agreed limits for good method functionality (Table 1).

Table 1. The homogenites showed to be adequate for TAC and TOS measurement in
mussel gills.

InterLab, Universidad de Murcia. Campus Espinardo. E-30071, Murcia, Spain.