Environmental Biomarkers Analysis in Moss

Instrument: Precellys® 24 Dual

Sample:  Moss


  • Precellys kits: MK28 (metal beads)
  • Sample : 50 mg of frozen mosses exposed in situ to air pollution
  • Buffer : 250 μl of PBS (added after grinding)
  • Run the Precellys®24 at 6500 rpm, 1x30sec.
  • DNA extraction
  • DNA agarose gel (1%) in Tris/ Borate/EDTA buffer


In situ exposures proceed on 2 sites: a site mainly contaminated by industrial emissions (Dunkerque, North of France) and rural site (Montagney, East of France).

During exposures, sampling is carried out every 8 weeks delimiting 3 period exposure : T1, T2, T3 and T0 corresponding to nonexposed mosses. The “smear” observed indicated the DNA fragmentation. The Precellys® 24 and Precellys® kit MK28 allows the grinding of mosses, which are a resistant material to the manual grinding.

The DNA ladder test seems to reveal DNA fragmentation for samples exposed in industrial site for 16 and 24 months.