DNA extraction from plant leaves

Instrument: Minilys homogenizer

Sample: Plant Leaves


  • Precellys kit: 03961-1-010 (1.4 & 2.8 ceramic beads mix).
  • peqGOLD Plant DNA mini Kit
  • Add 100 mg of plant leaves
  • Add 100 μl TE buffer
  • Run the Minilys at 5000 rpm, 30 sec


Total genomic DNA was extracted directly from the homogenized samples using peqGOLD Plant DNA mini Kit before being checked for quality and quantity using NanoDrop analysis.

Mean concentration of total genomic DNA from 3 extracted samples of leaves with Minilys (run 1 and 2) in
comparison with Precellys. The corresponding mean absorption ratios (260/280; 260/230) are also plotted.