DNA Extraction from Microbes in Soil

Instrument: Precellys® 24 Dual

Sample: Unadulterated soil


  • Add 1g soil into tubes from 7ml soil grinding kits.
  • Add 4ml buffer to each sample.
  • Run the Precellys at 5000rpm, 3 x 15s.


DNA concentration was determined by electrophoresis and qPCR.  DNA concentration using the Precellys was determined to be 2.5x higher than the legacy method (Mikro-Dismembrator S).  Additionally, the Precellys provided a shorter run time and 6x more throughput.

DNA gel from soil sample

Gel electrophoresis analysis from a soil sample (Epoisses) ran in triplicate.  "Standard method" is the Mikro-Dismembrator S.


DNA quantification from three soil samples

DNA concentration for three soil samples.