DNA extraction from fetal and neonatal pathology tissues

Instrument: Precellys® 24 Dual

Sample:  Fetal or neonatal tissue (skin or placental villi).


  • Precellys kits: 03961-1-003 (CK14).
  • Sample: 0.5 cm2 of fetal or neonatal tissue e.g. skin or placental villi.
  • Buffer: 190 μl Qiagen EZ1 G2 buffer.
  • Proteinase K (600 mAU/ml).
  • Run the Precellys 24 at: 5500rpm, 3x10 sec (15 sec break time).
  • Enzymatic method: Incubate overnight at 37°C with 10μl Proteinase K.


Analysis was performed after DNA extraction by Qiagen EZ1 robot using the tissue protocol or by manual salting out DNA extraction procedure. The Precellys 24 extraction method has several advantages to the former method used including: speed, reduced staffing time, higher throughput, more uniform results and improved safety.

Concentration comparison of previous extraction method to Precellys®/EZ1 extraction. Agarose gel image of DNA extracted by Precellys 24 / EZ1 extraction. Samples showed no or minimal DNA degradation.