PRO Scientific DPS-20 Homogenizing System

Category Rotor-Stator Homogenizer
Manufacturer PRO Scientific
Country of manufacture the United States

The best of both worlds: Fully automated ultrasonic and rotor-stator homogenization all in one instrument!  With sample cooling!

The three-in-one design of the DPS-20 allows the system to be used in any of the following automated configurations:

  • Automated Ultrasonic Homogenizing System
  • Automated Mechanical Homogenizing System
  • Automated Mechanical and Ultrasonic Homogenizing System

This advanced system allows the maximum in choice and control to best support your processing needs. The DPS-20 merges the advantages of each homogenizing method to make it the optimum time-saving and flexible homogenizing system on the market. Mechanical or ultrasonic homogenizing can be used together or independently of each other. It leads to a faster and more efficient sample breakdown with minimal or no heat introduced, and more precise particle size reduction, all within a noise reducing enclosure. Its automation capability allows for repeat processing and consistent results, freeing up time for other work in the laboratory.

A high-performance brushless motor powers the mechanical homogenizer while the 130-watt ultrasonic processor delivers constant amplitude throughout processing.

The sound-abating enclosure has LED interior lighting and a clear polycarbonate door for full view of the inside.

This system can be used with 1.5ml/2ml, 15ml, 16ml, 19ml, and 50ml tubes through its unique carousel rack design. The Cooling Carousel Tube Rack provides the capability to keep sample tubes within ice, ice-water, or cold beads. Additional carousel racks can be purchased for quicker load time.

Up to 20 samples can be processed in one run, or include two rinse positions or setup for every other position to be a rinse position. A typical run time for 20 samples is under 10 minutes. Onboard computing lets the DPS-20 store up to 10 different homogenizing programs in memory, or it can be used in the manual mode for individual sample processing.

Onboard computing lets DPS-20 store up to 10 different homogenizing programs in memory, or it can be used in the manual mode for individual sample processing. A Tube Cooling Carousel Package is required along with a DPS-20 System.

  • Cooling Carousel Rack for Micro Tubes: Accommodates 20 Tubes: 1.5ml or 2.0ml 
  • Cooling Carousel Rack for Small Tubes: Accommodates 20 Tubes: 15ml Conical 17 x 120mm, 16ml Round Bottom 17 x 120mm, 19ml Round Bottom 16 x 125mm
  • Cooling Carousel Rack for Large Tubes: Accommodates 20 Tubes: 50ml Conicals 29 x 115mm, 50ml Free Standing Conicals 29 x 115mm
Key Attributes
Homogenizer Type Rotor-Stator / Ultrasonic
Sample Throughput 20 samples
Sample Volume (min) 30 µl
Sample Volume (max) 25 ml
Usage / Placement Benchtop
Cooling Yes
Warranty 2 years
Noise Level 64 db
Weight 85 lb
Width 12.75"
Depth 18.25"
Height 29.5"
Manufacturer Specifications
  • Volume Processing Range: 1.5ml - 50ml tubes
  • Power Rating: Mechanical 240 Watts / Ultrasonic 130 Watts
  • Speed Control: Mechanical 2000-16000 RPM / Ultrasonic Amplitude 0-100%
  • Noise rating: 64 dB
  • Weight: 85 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.75 X 29.5 X 18.25 inch
  • Certifications: CE

How does the DPS-20 Homogenizing System mitigate cross-contamination?

The DPS-20 mitigates cross-contamination risk by performing rinse cycles. There is an option of no rinse for when cross-contamination is not a concern, a single
rinse per homogenizing method, or a "multi-rinse" for every other tube position which provides the greatest protection against cross-contamination. These rinses sacrifice throughput, however, as they occupy tube positions.

The "single rinse" cycle involves two positions on the DPS-20 carousel being designated as cleaning rinses, which would allow the remaining 18 positions for  sample processing. If cross-contamination is a genuine concern, then the "multi-rinse" cycle is essentially a necessity. With the multi-rinse cycle, every other position on the DPS-20 carousel is designated for a rinse, with the remaining 10 positions left for sample processing.


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