Bags for the Stomacher® 400 Circulator

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Manufacturer Seward

The Stomacher® Bag range has been designed to fulfil all applications from sample blending, straining and storage, including bags designed for extensive blending (processes requiring more than 15 minutes on the machine) and small samples for life science applications.

Made from high quality food grade virgin LDPE granule extruded to 65µm film thickness, our Stomacher® blender bags are designed to withstand extensive blending without tears or perforations. This provides a low cost option for sample preparation with no risk of cross contamination between samples.

All Stomacher blender bags are irradiated sterile. A certificate of irradiation is available for all bag products upon request.

Which Stomacher Bag Should I Use?

There are three types of bags available for use with the Stomacher 400 Circulator paddle blender:

  • Standard bags are the simplest and most widely used bag, designed for blended homogenisation of diluent samples for most applications.
  • Strainer bags are for samples that produce a large amount of debris or fat, or for harder samples such as shellfish.  They contain a robust strainer element to make it easier to pipette the sample produced (pore size 0.5mm, prevents pore blockage and non-homogenous sample).
  • Closure bags have a wire mesh band at the top of the bag, allowing easy opening and tight closure for storage in a Seward bag rack or incubator.

Do the Closure Bags' wire mesh band fully seal the bag?

While the wire mesh band helps contain the bag's contents and reduce exposure to the outside environment, it does not create an air-tight seal.


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