Rotor Stator Homogenizers

Rotor-stator homogenizers consist of a fast-spinning inner rotor with a stationary outer sheath (stator) to homogenize samples through mechanical tearing, shear fluid forces, and / or cavitation (the rapid forming and collapsing of bubbles). Rotor-stators are broadly capable of homogenizing a wide variety of tissues or cells, although very tough tissue can be a problem. Most rotor-stators homogenize a single sample at a time, although some high-throughput models and continuous / in-line models are available.

Keep in mind: rotor-stator homogenizers require a probe to operate and not all rotor-stators come with a probe. Be sure you have all the necessary parts before you buy.

Rotor-stator homogenizers are also sometimes referred to as high-shear homogenizers, although this term may be somewhat confusing as other types of homogenizers, such as high-pressure homogenizers, also operate in whole or in part by creating high shear.

Can't figure out what homogenizer is right for your application? Ask us and we'll help you. You can also learn more about rotor-stator homogenization in the Application Center.

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    Rapidly homogenize, disperse, and emulsify samples in 10mL to 5000ml of liquid
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    A powerful, versatile handheld homogenizer.
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