Next Advance Bullet Blender

There's a good reason the Next Advance Bullet Blender homogenizers are special. They weren't the first bead mill homogenizers out there - not by a long shot. But they definitely rethought the entire process for high-throughput, small sample laboratory bead milling.

Any bead mill operates by vigorously shaking your sample with beads which impact it to disrupt the structure, lyse cells, and reduce particle sizes. But the Bullet Blender is the only one that does it by striking the tubes. You'll probably never see a Bullet Blender homogenizer with the housing off, but if you were to, you'd see how incredibly simple it is. It's basically a motor-driven rod with spring-loaded spokes that have "bullets" at the end (hence the name) which strike the tubes. This incredible simplicity means you can do just as much but with less - less components, less cost, less maintenance. You get a high-throughput bead mill that will perform more or less as well as any out there, at a fraction of the cost, and with incredible durability. Next Advance released the Bullet Blenders over 15 years ago (mid-2000s), and many of the original Bullet Blenders are still in operation.

There are trade-offs. They're a bit on the loud side, and there are no Bullet Blenders which can accommodate multiple sizes of tubes. But if you need a powerful workhorse on a reasonable budget, the Next Advance Bullet Blender homogenizers are a great option.

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    A higher-capacity bead mill homogenizer for larger samples.
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    Built to homogenize large samples while keeping them at 4°C with clean & easy dry-ice cooling.
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