ShearJet® HL60 Electric Hydraulic High Shear Homogenizer

Category High-Pressure Homogenizer
Manufacturer DyHydromatics
Country of manufacture the United States

The Dyhydromatics ShearJet® HL60 is a first-of-its-kind unit that allows the operator to process multiple samples with ease.


  • Allows operator to set process duration in pulse mode. System stops automatically when completed.
  • Cycle mode runs continuously until operator stops process.
  • Calibrate pressure set points based on reaction chamber type.
  • Data acquisition allows for the operator to capture pressure, temperature and process duration.

Standard Features:

  • Diamond Reaction Chamber® for longer life and wear resistant to abrasive applications
  • Glass reservoir 100 ml with sanitary connection
  • Two 10 ml syringes
  • Lure lock connections HP to barb adapter
  • Simple feed jacketed helicoil heat exchanger
  • Ceramic plunger
  • Tycon tubing
  • Tools & spares
Optional features:
  • Thermocouple
  • Stainless steel reservoir 100 ml with or without recirculation
  • 100 ml glass reservoir with recirculation
  • Inline pressure transducer
  • Optional spare parts
  • Chiller for cooling product heat exchanger Pharmagrade product contact parts
  • Gaskets and O-rings in Viton, TFE, Kalrez, Buna, EPDM, and EPR
  • Onsite installation and operator training
  • FAT/SAT and its execution
  • IQ-OQ documentation and its on-site execution
  • Our Diamond Reaction Chamber® with our specially designed micro channels achieve consistent uniform repeatable results.
  • Product yield up to 99 percent
  • Greater wear resistance
  • Systems low dead volume allows cleaning in a matter of minutes.
  • Multiple samples may be processed in a short time span.
  • Save on raw material costs due to low dead volume
  • Process samples in minutes not hours
  • Low maintenance cost due to superior system design
  • Minimal seals and connections

Please note there is a Lead Time of 10-12 weeks

Key Attributes
Homogenizer Type High Pressure
Sample Throughput 1 Sample
Sample Volume (min) 2 ml
Sample Volume (max) 200 ml
Usage / Placement Benchtop
Cooling Yes
Warranty 6 months
Noise Level Below 70 dicibels
Weight N/A
Width 16"
Depth 24"
Height 28"
Manufacturer Specifications

Pressure range: 5 -30 Kpsi (345 - 2,068 bar) 

Flow Rate: 65 ml/min at 30 Kpsi (345 - 2,068 bar)

Product temperature range: -15 F to 165 ºF (-25 C to 75 C)

Sample size: 2 ml to 100 ml

Dimensions: 28” x 16” x 24” (71,1 x 40,6 x 61,0 cm)

Utility Requirements: 57 scfm @ 120 psi (26 L/sec @ 8.3 bar), -35 ºF dew point


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