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BagPipet® & BagTips® for the MiniMix 100BagMixer 400, or JumboMix 3500

Fixed-volume autoclavable pipet with straw
The BagPipet takes precise volumes from 0,1 to 1 ml, and is autoclavable. With BagPipet, used with the one-use BagTips® straws, intake any product, even very viscous product: milk, cream, yogurt, cosmetics… The long BagTips® reaches the bottom of any bag.

    • Fixed volume pipet with 3 settings: 0.1 ml or 0.9 ml or 1 ml 
    • Calibrated according to the G.L.P “Good Laboratory Practice”
    • Economical 
    • Ejection of disposable straw 
    • Easy calibration 
    • Long BagTips® to reach the bottom of the bag
  • SAFE 
    • No risk of blocking the pipet 
    • No risk of contamination 
    • Autoclavable
    • BagTips® Regular. Size: 190 mm  (40 sterile packs of 25)
    • BagTips® Jumbo. Size: 240 mm (40 sterile packs of 25)

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