Bead Kits for the Precellys® and Minilys Homogenizers

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Bertin

Bead Kits for the Precellys® and Minilys are designed to accommodate a wide variety of sample types.  Bead kits are DNase and RNase free.

There are four sizes of kits:

  Accommodate Sample Size
Kit Tube Solid/tissue Liquid/culture
0.5 mL 1 mg - 30 mg 5 µL to 200 µL
2 mL 30 mg - 1 g 200 µL to 1.6 mL
7 mL 30 mg - 3 g 200 µL to 6mL
15 mL 100 mg - 5 g 500 µL to 10 mL

 Please note:  The standard Precellys24 only accepts 0.5 ml or 2 ml bead kits. The Minilys and Precellys24-Dual accept 0.5 ml, 2 ml, and 7 ml bead kits. The Precellys Evolution accepts all sizes of bead kits. 

There are also three types of kits for three different kinds of applications:

  • Homogenizing Kits are designed for the homogenization of animal and plant tissue
  • Grinding Kits are designed to break down samples into small particles
  • Lysis Kits are designed to lyse cells or microorganisms in culture.
    **R- designated 2 ml kits include reinforced tubes with o-rings. 
    0.5mL 2mL 2mL R 7mL 15mL
    MK28 Hard tissue grinding 2.8mm stainless steel beads   X X    
    CK28 Hard tissue homogenizing 2.8mm ceramic beads   X X X X
    CK14 Soft tissue homogenizing 1.4mm ceramic beads X X   X  
    VK05 Tough micro-organism lysing 0.5mm glass beads X X     X
    VK01 Micro-organism lysing 0.1mm glass beads   X      
    CK01 Bacteria lysing 0.1mm ceramic beads   X   X X
    VKMix Micro-organism lysing 0.1mm & 0.5mm glass beads       X  
    SK38 Micro-organism lysing
    inside tissue
    0.1mm glass beads
    1.4mm ceramic beads
    1 glass bead of 4.0mm
    CKMix Tissue homogenizing 1.4mm
    2.8mm ceramic beads
    CKMix50 Tissue grinding 2.8mm
    5.0mm ceramic beads
        X X X
    CK68 Dry hard tissue grinding 6.8mm ceramic beads     X   X
    GK60 Sample grinding 0.7mm garnet flakes
    1 ceramic bead of 6.0mm




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