Bead Kits for the BeadBug™ and BeadBlaster™ Homogenizers

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Benchmark Scientific

Beads in pre-filled tubes for use with the BeadBug™, BeadBug™ 6, and BeadBlaster™ 24 Homogenizers from Benchmark Scientific. Each kit contains 50 pre-filled tubes.

Pre-filled tube kits contain one of the following types of beads:

  • Glass beads (0.1, 0.5, or 1.0 mm)
  • Triple Pure™ zirconium beads which are acid washed, heat treated and tested to be free of nucleases (0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, or 3.0 mm)  Recommended for most applications.
  • Steel beads which are acid washed. (2.8 mm)  Great for homogenization of hard samples and dry grinding!
  • A mix of sharp garnet shards (~0.5 mm) and a single, 6 mm zirconium satellite.  Acid washed.  Good for cutting through rubbery or elastic samples that are difficult to smash through with blunt force.

Bead kits are available with 2.0 ml and 5.0 ml tubes. (5.0 ml tubes only available with steel beads.)

Please Note: 5.0 ml tubes are only for use in the BeadBug™ 6 or BeadBlaster™ 24 and require the 5 ml Tube Adapter.

Different bead-mill homogenizers have different specifications.  We therefore do not recommend substituting the beads or tubes from one homogenizer for use in another homogenizer unless you are certain that they will work properly.

Bead Suitability Chart

Please note that the chart below is only provided as a guideline. Various factors, especially sample size, will influence the bead kit which is optimal for your sample.

BeadBug Bead Compatibility Chart


Are the bead kits sterile?

They are not sterile. Beads are washed and heat treated and kits are filled in a clean room environment, but they cannot be guaranteed to be sterile. If you require sterility, it is recommended that you autoclave them before use (just remember to loosen or remove the caps prior to autoclaving).


Are the Triple Pure™ zirconium beads compatible with organic solvents, such as phenol and chloroform?

Yes, they are non-reactive with organic solvents.


How many beads are there in each tube?

The tubes are filled by mass and have a target mass with a high/low tolerance. This varies based on the type of bead used, as follows:

Bead Type Target Mass High / Low Mass
0.1 mm glass 380 mg 430 / 330 mg
0.5 mm glass 380 mg 430 / 330 mg
1.0 mm glass 470 mg 520 / 420 mg
0.1 mm zirconium 600 mg 650 / 550 mg
0.5 mm zirconium 520 mg 570 / 470 mg
1.0 mm zirconium 1040 mg 1090 / 990 mg
1.5 mm zirconium 950 mg 1000 / 900 mg
3.0 mm zirconium 420 mg 470 / 370 mg
2.8 mm steel 700 mg 750 / 650 mg

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