Tubes for the Ultra-Turrax® Tube Drive

Tubes for the IKA® Ultra-Turrax® Tube Drive.


  • Size: 20 ml tubes (25-pack if non-sterile or 20-pack if sterile) or 50 ml tubes (10-pack)
  • Type: Stirring*, rotor-stator, grinding (steel beads) or grinding (glass beads)
  • Sterility: Non-sterile or Sterile (gamma irradiated)

*Please note that "stirring" tubes are for stirring / vortexing only and are not suitable for homogenization.

Tubes for the Ultra-Turrax® Tube Drive have lids with pierceable membranes to enable sampling or addition of media during operation.

Tube Capacity:

Tube Size Capacity
Stirring 20 ml 2 - 15 ml
Stirring 50 ml 15 - 50 ml
Rotor-Stator 20 ml 5 - 15 ml
Rotor-Stator 50 ml 15 - 50 ml
Grinding 20 ml 2 - 15 ml
Grinding 50 ml 15 - 50 ml

SKU#: IKA:3703000
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